Custom Pipework Fabrication

On some cars there is a separate AC evaporator in the rear of the vehicle any leaks in the pipework can sometimes be expensive to replace due to the design of this pipework.

Examples of this, which are quite repairable, might be the Land Rover Discovery 3, Mitsubishi Pajero and Toyota Land Cruiser. Due to there design can make repairing the pipes to the rear extremely difficult and expensive, Blanking off the rear system entirely so that AC in the front of the car can still function as designed can still bring these systems back into life , which is usually perfectly adequate in the UK.

It is not just those models with front and rear AC that can suffer from leaking pipework

There are many occasions on cars where a pipe might have been damaged in an accident (perhaps months before the leak happened) or has developed a leak under a retaining clip where the most sensible solution is to simply replace with the manufacturers standard hose. Sometimes however the total replacement of the faulty hose can make for a very expensive repair due to the labour involved.

In some of these cases the cutting and joining of part of the new hose to the undamaged section of the original pipe can be make for a far less expensive result. And an on the spot repair

We carry 3 different repair methods, burgers flex crimp, lockring system and hydraulic crimp we carry about 1500 different fittings and all common sizes of hose in both standard and reduced barrier.

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